Why  Frogs Are So Good At Being Memes

At least six thousand years ago, when dinosaurs ruled the earth, there was only one continent, zero memes, and only two genders. The tyranny of the ‘saurs saw a soar in the oppression of other vertebrates; fish, once proud supple muscular warriors of the land, fled to the dark ocean. Birds, gallant rapists of the forest floor had to grow wings and take their weird dicks up to the cold skies. Mammals lived in holes and fucked each other quietly up the arses. Reptiles also had slimier, more flamboyant cousins called amphibians who were rightfully shunned because of their pathetic name for a class of vertebrates that only highlights that all they were ever good for was being an evolutionary bridge between land and water.

Let’s look at the facts here: frogs look fucked up as hell. They got some gruesome slimy skin with bulbed up eyeballs and sticky tongues- Nonsense Creatures. As a child, if you saw an artist’s rendition of an alien and a frog at the same time you would not know which one was supposed to be from the real earth. They actually like eating flies and have to jump around really far to avoid being squashed by superior animals. Also they say “Ribbit” which from a human’s point of view is a reference to condoms, which really accentuates the fact that frog babies or “tad pole (also a phallic ref)s” look like actual sperms. Yep , they do look like little cums which is pretty funny if you think about it and there is also always Loads of t poles which is the same as what you get with cums. All these innuendos and these animals Don’t Even Fuck. Yep, frogs don;t fuck. Like fish they just mush out all their baby making stuff and get the hell out of there in case they get eaten by predators. Retarded. All these facts make frogs ripe for the memeing,

Think about all the good varieties of frogs memes that there is to type into google. Kermimt the frog is at least 5 different fully fledged memes at this point, that is already endless amounts of ememetertainmement. Then don’t forget about dat boi, o shit, lol. Haha, what I’m trying to say in that frogs are premememium content haha sorry I;ll stop. Anyways, what you really wanna know about is Peepee the frog who was originally just a dude who liked to piss with his pant on the ground. Is there anything more wholesome that a dude with his raw butt in the night air? Perhaps not but a frog? With his butt about town. Funny ass shit, ripe for the memeing. And now he makes funny pictures for the sake of 4chan and screeches about cucks and stuff. As a white nationalist symbol, Pepe is a very useful tool because his skin is green instead of white which obfuscates the view of the ethnics when in reality he undermines their very existence. The point here is that frogs are a symbol of oppression and Must be eradicated.

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