Top 10 Most Adorable Jennifer Lawrence Moments of 2016

If you’re anything like me, you just can’t get enough of Jennifer Lawrence and her quirky antics! The adorable celeb has been a media darling ever since she first rose to prominence with her starring role in The Hunger Games, and this year has been no exception. Just when you think she can’t get any funnier or more charming, she always finds a way to top herself. So, in honor of the star’s 39th birthday this week, here is a list of our top 10 favorite classic JLaw moments from 2016.

20th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards - Press Room

10. When she pooped on a Native American burial ground

In an appearance on the BBC chat show Talky Wonkers, Lawrence revealed to host James Walton an embarrassing incident that occurred on the set of her new historical epic Mary Todd Lincoln. At one point during filming, JLaw had to do a “number two” and none of the bathrooms on set were available, so she hilariously decided to drop that deuce on the ground, on what just happened to be a sacred burial site for the Lakota people. Oops!


9. When she punched a penguin in the face

Earlier this year, TMZ obtained footage of the highly-paid actress on a recent trip to Antarctica, in which she was startled by an emperor penguin and instinctively punched it in the face, knocking the penguin out cold. The video immediately went viral on social media, as many adoring fans praised her surprisingly impressive right hook.


8. When she farted on the Queen of England

Most people would consider a first meeting with the United Kingdom’s reigning monarch to be a very serious affair, but a true jokester like Jennifer Lawrence just can’t resist the opportunity for a great gag. So instead of shaking Queen Elizabeth II’s hand, she got up on a stool, turned around, bent over and ripped a big juicy fart right in the old Queen’s face, eliciting riotous laughter from the entire crowd. The Queen later commented that she thought it was “very funny” and that the young star has “a lot of spunk.”


7. When she denied the Holocaust

On her latest quirky, charming appearance on TBS’s Conan, JLaw delivered her most memorable interview yet, in which she questioned the plausibility of the Holocaust. “Six million people is a lot of people,” mused the adorable celeb. “I mean, what were all their names? Where are the bodies? Where’s the evidence?!” Though she received thunderous applause from the studio audience, the always-diplomatic Lawrence later clarified that she was “just asking questions.”


6. When she stuck an Oscar in Hugh Jackman’s butt

While she’s always been known for her hilarious pranks, JLaw took it to the next level at this year’s Academy Awards ceremony when she accosted fellow celebrity and X-Men: Days of Future Past costar Hugh Jackman from behind, pulled down his pants and underwear, and forcibly shoved a golden Oscar statue deep into his rectum on live television, then proceeded to laugh hysterically at the Australian actor’s pain and humiliation for several minutes. While Jackman ultimately chose not to press charges, he has obtained a restraining order against her. Could this be the start of another big Hollywood feud?


5. When she drunkenly vomited on a bunch of homeless people

In another one of her classic talk show anecdotes, the Winter’s Bone star shared the story of a time she was partying just a bit too hard in Downtown Los Angeles and stumbled upon LA’s infamous “Skid Row” district, where many of the city’s homeless population reside. While having a good laugh with her friends at the misfortune of those who are forced to live outside, she became sick and accidentally puked all over a dozen or so indigents who were just trying to sleep there on the sidewalk and didn’t want any trouble. Whoops!


4. When she caused the killing of Harambe the gorilla

While making a surprise appearance at the Cincinnati Zoo in May to promote her latest blockbuster hit X-Men: Apocalypse, Jennifer decided to pull another one of her famous pranks by throwing a three-year-old boy into the gorilla enclosure. After Harambe was shot and killed as a result of her actions, she expressed some regret, saying that she probably wouldn’t have done it if she had known that they would kill the gorilla, although she still thought it was pretty funny. Can you blame her?


3. When she fired a rifle inside Comet Ping Pong pizza restaurant

Like many people, JLaw was very amused by the recent Pizzagate conspiracy theory, so much so that she thought it would be a fun little lark to walk into Comet Ping Pong, the pizzeria at the center of the controversy, with an AR-15-style assault rifle and fire three shots. While this little gag initially caused panic among the Comet Ping Pong patrons, their screams gave way to laughter and cheers once they realized that the shooter was actually their favorite quirky celebrity.


2. When she and Chris Pratt sacrificed a baby to promote Passengers

Anyone who’s been following the press tour for Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt’s new space romance film Passengers knows that the two affable costars love to pull all kinds of fun and hilarious promotional stunts, but they really outdid themselves earlier this week when they performed a ritual sacrifice of an infant child on Facebook Live. Donning black robes and lit only by candles, they placed the child at the center of a pentagram drawn on the ground in goat’s blood, and each unsheathed their ceremonial knives. After reciting a quick incantation in unison, praying for the Dark Lord to bestow glory upon the highly-anticipated new sci-fi adventure romp, they each stabbed the two-month-old baby repeatedly in the torso and took turns drinking blood directly from its wounds. It’s so rare these days to see celebrities showing their spiritual side to the world! Very cool!


1. When she assassinated the Russian ambassador to Turkey

While the fatal shooting of Russian ambassador Andrey G. Karlov was initially thought to be committed by an ISIS sympathizer in retaliation for atrocities in Syria, it turned out to be, you guessed it: Jennifer Lawrence, pulling off another one of her trademark goofs. Shortly after the incident, both Russian and Turkish officials issued statements of gratitude to the American Hustle star for injecting a much-needed dose of humor and frivolity amidst this grim geopolitical moment. Woo! Go, JLaw!

As you can see, 2016 has been a huge year for everybody’s favorite lovable Hollywood star, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down. I think I speak for everybody when I say I’m looking forward to many more cute moments and awesome goofs and gags from JLaw in 2017! She is truly wonderful, a Goddess walking among us, and I would give anything for her to just notice me, just once. Please, Jennifer, I’m begging you. I’ll do anything. I’ll cook and clean for you. I’ll be your slave. Please be my queen. I’ll do anything you want. Please.

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