7 Powerful Food Hacks Guaranteed to Help You Avoid Being Hungry


Stop me if this sounds familiar: You’ve had a busy day. You spent all morning reading about dope new tech on Gizmodo, then picked up your girlfriend’s kids from school, came home and binge-watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix for a few hours (admit it, boys, you KNOW you love it), and then your squad stopped by for a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity. So now it’s 9:30—almost time for bed—and suddenly you realize that you’re starving! You haven’t eaten all day! In the fast-paced lives of today’s young professionals, it’s all too easy for meals to fall by the wayside, and hunger can sneak up on you when you least expect it. Here at Tall Peters, we feel your pain, so we’ve compiled this helpful list of high-quality hacks that’ll be sure to keep your tummy satisfied around the clock.


1. Don’t Skip Breakfast

Yeah, I know, it’s the oldest cliché in the book: “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” But, according to science, this oft-repeated maxim is actually truer than you may think. Now if you’re anything like me, you probably think the only thing you need for breakfast is a Starbucks Venti Iced Mocha Frappuccino (or a Pumpkin Spice Latte if you insist on being basic—UGH!), but scientific evidence suggests that eating actual food first thing in the morning will boost your metabolism, keep your blood sugar levels stable, and improve your mood throughout the day. So if you’ve been getting those cranky mid-morning feels, it might be because you’ve been skipping this essential meal. Bring on the eggs and bacon!

hummusImage by Popo le Chien

2. Always Bring a Snack

It’s not all about meals! Our Tall Peters nutritional experts tell us that eating smaller portions at shorter intervals can actually be better for your metabolism. But as we all know, when your boss is really riding you to meet that deadline, you might find yourself with no time to get up and walk to the break room for a croissant. That’s why you should ALWAYS keep a snack handy at your desk, such as my personal favorite, Stacy’s Pita Chips and Sabra Hummus. Yum!

women_grocery_shoppingImage by Bill Branson

3. Don’t Forget to Buy Groceries

Sure, grocery shopping might seem like a waste of time with so many great, affordable fast-casual restaurants out there these days. But for those lazy evenings where you just don’t feel like getting off your ass and catching an Uber to Chipotle, it’s usually a good idea to have some food in the kitchen. So be sure to swing by your local Whole Foods at least a couple times a month and keep that fridge stocked up.

3412704049_d099a2fc14_bImage by Mr.TinDC

4. Save Takeout Menus!!

Seriously, I cannot stress this enough. Anytime you find yourself in a restaurant with a takeout menu, grab it, take it home IMMEDIATELY. Cover your whole fridge with those damn things if you have to, whatever it takes to be prepared for your next hunger emergency. Trust me—you and your hungry belly will thank me later.


5. Stay Aware of All the Hottest New Deals

Staving off those hunger demons can be an expensive habit, and since you’re saving up for that big trip to Thailand, you probably want to cut some corners here and there. Luckily, there are plenty of great web sites out there—such as our proud sister site Thrillist—where they work around the clock to keep you informed about all the latest deals to which you can avail yourself at your favorite food joints. In fact, I think I heard that Pizza Hut is running a killer promo as we speak. Better head over to Thrillist and get the deets!


6. Keep Track of Time

One of the biggest and most insidious causes of hunger is simply letting time get away from us. So get in the habit of peeping that fancy new Apple Watch as often as possible to keep those precious minutes from slipping by. If it’s been a couple hours since the last time you ate, you might want to consider feeding yourself again, even if it’s just a light snack (see #2).

Taco_Bell_Night.JPGImage by Anthony92931

7. Three Words: Late. Night. Menu.

When all else fails, there’s always Fourthmeal. We’ve all had those nights: you’ve been out late with your dudes celebrating your big promotion, you’ve had one too many Lagunitas IPAs, and you totally lost track of time (see #6). By the time the hunger takes hold, your favorite local spots are all closed already, and you know your fridge at home is woefully empty (see #3). Only one thing left to do in this emergency scenario: time to hit up the drive-thru! Maybe it’s not the healthiest option, but that’s okay—just call it a cheat day and promise yourself you’ll hit the gym twice as hard tomorrow. Hey, we all deserve a little treat now and then, right? And if Taco Bell’s mouth-watering late-night menu doesn’t tickle your fancy, don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of options. Maybe swing by Jack In The Box and enjoy one of Jack’s Late-Night Munchie Meals. Did somebody say Sriracha Curly Fry Burger? Ummm, yes please!

Trevor Drinkwater is a senior food editor at Tall Peters, and he’s got a real hankering for a Crunchy Taco Supreme right about now. Follow him to the drive-thru @trevordrinkwater

Featured Image by Petr Kratochvil and Keith Weller

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