10 Reasons ARMS for the Nintendo Switch Will Win 2017 Game Of the Year

Nintendo, the greatest video game company of all time (possibly: I have to give a big shout out to the cats at Microsoft and Sony for their respectable consoles The X box #1 and the Playstation 4), recently announced its latest foray into the e-sports realm. Nintendo already has its roots firmly planted in this insane billion dollar autism colosseum industry, but with the latest announcement of its smash hit, Game of the Year, ARMS, it looks like we’ve found an early contender for Game of the Year. I believe it will win the big award at the Award shows. Get past the jump to see why! Well, go on!


1. The arms are long

You won’t believe how long these arms get. Nintendo does it again. Try finding arms this long in “Halo” or “Mass Effect”, you shit head jock fuckboys!

aarms2. The arms are like springs, or ribbons.

They’re strange and upsetting to look at. Stupid, really. That’s called innovation. Nintendo is the greatest company in the world.

armImage by Conty

3. Meme material

Somebody’s gonna make a meme out of the game. You pig brained fuckers will make a meme out of anything.

pgun4. It’s Nintendo, You idiot! Ever heard of Mario brothers?

Mario Brothers is the best game in the world. I f*cking love the Mario brothers. HELLO? ARE YOU LISTENING? HELLO! HELLO!!!


5. Shigeru Miyamoto, The Man Who Made The best Game Ever, Mario Brothers, Has Arms And Works AT Nintendo which Is Making This Game

Need I say more?

grossarmImage by Paul Stainthorp

6. Ribbon Girl

Tons of horny gamers are going to want to get in her guts. They want to fuck the video game girl. That’s called ‘the law of attraction’, a law that Nintendo exploits time and time again to create masterpieces.

flexImage by Dawn Hudson

7. Does anyone else remember SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE?

Childhood. Ruined.

hogImage by Woodley Wonderworks

8. The game has oki maybe

Probably not. It’s probably going to be something stupid instead because these games are made for stupid babies.

6721742317_d76702949eImage by wattpublishing of wattagnet

9. Game Journalism is a big fat joke, that only idiots read

dedpigImage by Hbreton19

10. The name is Beautiful: Simplicity Wins, Again

Game is about ARMS, called ARMS. What more can you snotty little kids ask for?

Featured Image by Nintendo

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