Lifting The Toilet Seat Up Is For Dumb Ass Holes

Every assigned male man around in real life has had a woman screech at them about the loo lid being up. Us woke folks at tall peter com know a secret trick that can save you this perpetual whinge and also shave a good few seconds off your Peesonal Best (mine is down to a tidy 1.683s[seconds]). No gimmicks here folks: just never lift the seat. Never ever lift the seat up when you pee. Stop -! Do Not Lift That Seat. Just whup your pup out and piss directly into hole located in the middle of the seat , the whole of which is plentily big enough to aim at without you ever lifting that seat up. What are you , some sort of retard moron who needs a really big easy hole to shoot hes piss stream at? Huh? You dumb Neanderthal pissing idiot, you handicapped dick pisser. Can’t piss in a big hole without a few extra inches of diameter to aim at huh you freaking stupid mother freaker. Crimony!

Artisté renditition of your dreadful pissing technique

For real tho, how can you mongolozas out there on the web not be really good at some thing you have spend 10,000,000,0 hour of your whole life doing. Dumb munch? It’s pretty simple, just don’t piss anywhere except for the bowl of the toilet. How many times do i have to write the same heck sentence. Listen, we know the risks. Us renegade no lid pissers don’t care. We don;t give a crud about a piece of a shit. No man can stand between us a a good lid to piss our dicks out in between. And just think about all the joules of energy you have willingly wasted by lifting the seat every time – you plebeian piss boys are literally responsible for global warming.

Above: Wow, good job. NOT!!!

The hinges of a toilet seat are there for many reasons. Plumbing, or using the plunger to get your fat turds out o there. Thats about it. It sure as a hell’s arse ain’t for allowing a convenient seat that can be sat upon and also moved aside in times of male piss. No way. I bet some of you big jerks out there saying there is a piss mist, waah waaah the piss mist will get everywhere, well check it out nerds :- The Piss Mist Is A Piss Myth. No such mist exist, and it certainly isnst piss. Many extremely good scientists agreethat piss does not have a gaseous state – look it up idionts. Whilst enlightening the clueless, idiotic, ugly masses is something we cherish to do for free here at tall peters, please do not forget you can donate to this cause at .

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