Is Donald Trump a Russian Urination on Her Emails?

Bad hombres took place this evening when the DNC went peepee on the Russian hackers after the Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump. Barack Obama is from Kenya and Julian Assange is dead after the election. The birth certificate for Juanita Broaddrick has found the cheese pizza handkerchief of Alex Jones by the email Nazi password. Satanic pizzagate sacrifices for the extinction of white males carried out by the nasty woman as Lena Dunham grabbed literally Hitler by the fake news.

cometImage by Elizabeth Murphy

Let us all Praise Kek as Jill Stein kissed globalist puppet Aleppo on the lips to help raise $14 million to let Gary debate after Ted Cruz only won 25% of the popular vote as The Clinton Foundation built a wall for Melania Trump using their charitable foundation for fraudulent purposes found hiking with Madam President the day after the election. Love Actually prevailed when Kate McKinnon’s millennial Jesus rape babies singing Hallelujah to the cast of Hamilton as Republican Democrat President-Elect Mike Pence is a reptile as he prayed the gay away for LGBTQ+ activists during the All Lives Matter protest in the kill room of Comet Ping Pong.

climton.PNGImage by Gage Skidmore

Can we forget about the damn emails for just one minute and Fuck 2016 safety pins for the low-energy Syrian refugees protesting with Lady Gaga at Trump Tower? Please clap for friends of Joe Podesta with Anthony Weiner needs a mommy in the White House as alt-right Pepe the Frog coming out of her wherever. The theater must always be a safe place for James Alefantis cucking David Duke. Bernie would have won the delegates, Donald.

Featured Image by Ralph Alswang

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