I Photoshopped Donald Trump onto a Bunch of Disney Bad Guys

Gonna make this quick and simple. 1. People don’t like Donald Trump. 2. People like to see cartoon characters from Disney movies. I don’t know why. For some reason normies go nuts for this stupid crap, so in an attempt to create some quality content for once, I decided to photoshop Donald Trump onto a bunch of Disney bad guys to get a bunch of clicks on the website. Sorry if I got some of these guys wrong. The only Disney movie I’ve ever seen is Bébé’s Kids. Enjoy!

Donald Trump as Big Red Guy

Check this boy out. He’s buff and red for some reason. I bet he whooped some little cartoon weenie’s ass. Definitely the bad guy here even though he looks cool and mystical as hell.


Donald Trump as Bad Lion

This lion looks like a total diddler. Definitely not someone I’d feel comfortable leaving my small lion baby alone with. Just like the president.


Donald Trump as Buff Gun Dude

Another beefcake that is crucially swole. He’s got a gun though, so he’s probably the bad guy.


Donald Trump as Angry Elderly Bearded Man

This is one angry ass geezer. I bet some dumb little cartoon guy did something to piss him off royally. Despicable. I hate him.


Donald Trump as Candle

I put Donald Trump on the weird horny candle man. I’m pretty sure this is supposed to be a good guy, but he looks like a real jerk and a pervert. The kind of guy that would grab a woman by the p-word if his hands weren’t candles.


Donald Trump as Dragon

This dragon looked wicked as hell. Really didn’t want to ruin it by putting the shithead president on it, but I gotta get those clicks somehow.


Donald Trump as White Man With Gun

Blonde hair and blue eyes. No further explanation needed. He also has a gun. Next.


Donald Trump as Ripped Dude In Ocean

Another cool dude who loves to get a good pump going at the gym. Not sure what Walt Disney’s deal is and why he’s got such a vendetta against the male physique. I bet he was a twerp who got his head dunked in the toilet by the jocks.


Donald Trump as Flamboyant Pirate

Look at this idiot. He’s got a hook instead of a hand. Definitely a total asshole.


Alright, gang. That’s all I got for you this time. Hope you liked all the content I produced for you today. Please like and share this crud with all your normie friends! 😀

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