Excited About Beyoncé’s Twins

Now I don’t know about any of you nonexistent readers of our homo toilet blog “TALL PETERS”, but if you’re like me, then you know about one set of twins belonging to nubile Nubian pop princess Beyonce that you would like to see – am I right gentlemen!

Beyonce 2015 .jpg

That’s right, if you ask me, which implicatively by reading this you are, then there is one couple belonging to celebrated famous ladey Beyonce that you would like to see – if you understand my meanings.


Unlike in real life,  I’m not stuttering even for a sec here folks, and famed reptilian cyborg Byeonce has got a duo that I will be very happy to look at, if you catch even part of my drift. That’s the truth here folks, thats all we ever type here on the peternet: big true facts, and nice ones too, for populist artiste Beyoncler has got a set of two certain things which I would like to look at with my eyeballs, and would enjoy doing so, if you comprehend my allusions.


No jokes here my folks, Black ladey Beyucnpke has got at least one couple that I’d like to set my lids on, if you understand my implications. Destiny’s Child Beyonce ahs got a brace of something or other which would give me untold pleasure to look at, if you catch my gist.


Check me out fellas: I am Not talking about her unborn children here, who also happen to be twins, I want to look at her breasts. Please Hook a nigga up.

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