Simply Astounding Facts About DOGS

WARNING: The following post is for DOG LOVERS ONLY. If you’re one of those Cat People and you’ve come here to spread your vicious dog hate, you better stop reading this right now, because you are NOT wanted here. As for my fellow Dog Persons, please enjoy these unbelievable-but-true facts about our favorite four-legged friends.


Amazing Dog Fact #1:

The pug, while commonly considered to be a breed of dog, is technically not a dog at all! Pugs are actually an unholy hybrid of two different species: a pig and a bug. That’s how they got the name “pug” and also why they look so freaking weird. Now you know!


Absolutely Incredible Dog Fact #2:

In Australia, a dog is a called a dingo. Haha, can you believe that? Those crazy Aussies call them dingoes! What the heck are they thinking?!


Out-of-this-World Dog Fact #3:

Ever wondered what the largest dog breed is? Some say it’s the Great Dane. Others say Irish Wolfhound. But they’re all wrong! The world’s biggest dog is actually: a horse. Yes, that’s right, folks. A horse is a type of dog. It may sound crazy, but that’s just the way it is.


Dazzling Dog Fact #4:

Ever seen a greyhound? Those things look freaky as hell! They’re so skinny, it gives me the creeps! It’s like a snake with legs. This isn’t really a fact per se, but it’s how I feel. Take it or leave it.


Totally Awesome Dog Fact #5:

Many people believe that dogs were originally bred from wolves by people, but of course that’s impossible. A man can’t simply “evolve” one species into another, as that would be a violation of God’s universal laws. Dogs were created by our Lord God, like all His creatures, and bequeathed unto Man to be our best friends. If you don’t believe me, try spelling “dog” backwards and see what you get. Pretty cool, huh?


Mind-Blowing Dog Fact #6:

In 1957, a Russian dog named Laika became the first and last animal to ever orbit the earth. Some completely deranged commie scientists strapped her to a rocket and launched her into orbit. Obviously, she immediately died, and it was so sad that the international scientific community decided never to subject any human or animal to spaceflight again, and that’s why we’ve never been to space, not even once. Wow!!


That’s it! That’s all the dog facts I know! I hope you enjoyed them.

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