These Drawings My Brilliant Son Made Perfectly Sum Up Donald Trump’s Presidency

They say wisdom comes from the mouths of babes, and there’s no better testament to that nugget of truth than my amazing son Jaystin. He may be only six years old, but he’s smarter, more considerate, and more politically aware than most adults these days. During the 2016 election, my Jaystin was such a proud Hillary supporter that he wore a pantsuit to school every single day, bravely ignoring all the mean comments from bullies, guidance counselors, and PTA members. And as the results came in on that fateful night in November, my poor boy bawled his eyes out. (Full disclosure: Technically, he had already been crying for most of that day. I can’t remember why.)

In any case, my brave little activist did not despair for long. As the reality of Trump’s America began to set in, Jaystin dried his eyes, picked himself back up, and joined the #Resistance. Knowing how important the coming fight would be, we decided together that it would be best to withdraw him from school and begin homeschooling him, so that he could devote more time and energy to his political work. Incidentally, one of Jaystin’s many wonderful attributes is that he is an exceptionally talented artist, so it was his only natural that he decided to combine his two greatest passions—politics and art—to make bold and inspiring statements about the crazy world we live in. And now I’m proud to say that my amazing son is well on his way to becoming the next great political cartoonist. Observe:


Sometimes, breaking something down into the most simplistic terms can reveal the fundamental truth behind it. All that complicated jargon we’ve seen in the news lately about Trump’s environmental policies can be tough to sift through, which is why we need insightful children like Jaystin to see right through the details that tend to distract us adults, and lay out the issue for what it really is. Trump. The earth. A gun. The rest is self-explanatory.


It’s truly remarkable how one brilliant child can so perfectly illustrate the folly of the so-called grown-ups who are currently running this nation (into the ground, that is). Jaystin, you are wise beyond your years and you make me so, so proud. I love you, son.


Ah, and speaking of Twitter, who can forget that infamous “covfefe” gaffe? Here we have a potent reminder that not every piece of art must have some deep significance. Sometimes you just have to laugh, folks. And the humor of our Tweeter-in-Chief’s hilarious typo is certainly not lost on Jaystin, who just so happens to be an undefeated spelling bee champion.


Simply breathtaking. I’m honestly speechless. I can barely hold back the tears of pride as I revisit these images. About a year ago, when we were teaching Jaystin to tie his shoes and weaning him off breastmilk, I never could have imagined that in such a short time he would develop the wit and talent to rival the greatest political cartoonists of our time. Jaystin, you wonderful boy.


Okay, I have to admit, I don’t really get what he was going for with this one. Could it be that my boy is so darn brilliant that even I, a well-respected political blogger, am no match for his intellect? Or maybe I’m just getting old and I don’t understand all the exciting new ideas brewing in the minds of our nation’s youth (though I do still like to think I’m young at heart).

In any case, we owe Jaystin our gratitude for giving us hope that the future of our beloved nation is in good hands. The optimism and compassion that radiates from these works of art is the only thing that soothes the spiritual wounds inflicted upon me by our awful president. With the guidance of future leaders like my beautiful son, I have no doubts that the young children of today can be the great saviors of tomorrow. God bless you, Jaystin, and God bless America.

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