Podcast: Here’s the Beef with Trevor & Troyal

Here it is! An actual, honest-to-God Tall Peters podcast, hosted by your favorite boys Trevor and Troyal! This groundbreaking new internet broadcast program exists for the sole purpose of creating and hashing out feuds with other low-level online creators, and maybe other people we don’t like. It’s mean, and twisted as hell! This is technically the second episode of Here’s the Beef. The first one was really bad, so we didn’t bother to share it here, but you can find it easily if you really want to hear it. This one is actually pretty bad too, but not nearly as bad. We’re still figuring this shit out.

We have no good audio equipment, so please feel free to pledge a few bucks to our Patreon if you’d like to hear some higher-quality podcasts from us in the future. Otherwise, please sit back and enjoy this medium-quality audio product we have created for you as a totally free gift! 23+ only, no kids allowed.

Also, check out our friend Adam’s music for pete’s sake!!

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