Podcast: Here’s the Beef Episode 4

Hey, check it out, Trevor and Troyal released yet another episode of their weekly beefcast, this time featuring their first ever guest, fellow Peter Boy Proctor J. “PJ” Semhouse, aka The Frogman! As an avid anime fan, PJ has joined us to delve into the dark, sordid world of the “Anime Addicts Anonymous” podcast. PJ was an incredibly rude guest, as expected, but it all turned out okay. This is probably our best episode yet.

You might notice we didn’t bother to post an update for the third episode, or the first one for that matter. Well, that’s because A) those episodes sucked, and B) we didn’t fuckin’ feel like it, okay? The ‘cast is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, all those podcast services you love, so feel free to subscribe via your favorite pod-delivery service and get all caught up if you so please. It was a real pain in the ass getting the show accepted to all those platforms, so YOU’RE WELCOME.

Anyway, please go to our Patreon and give us some freaking money already!! Our families are starving! Plus there could be some very enticing rewards for you if you’re willing to pledge some money. Listen and find out! 😉

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