Here’s the Beef: Srsly Wrong

Wow. Five whole episodes of our very first official Tall Peters podcast, HERE’S THE BEEF. Did you ever think we’d make it this far? We certainly didn’t. In fact the stress of this great milestone may have gone straight to our friend Troyal’s brain as he seems to be mentally deteriorating before our very ears on this episode! Okay, I’ll drop the act. No one’s gonna read this shit anyway. That’s clearly not actually Troyal on this episode. Troyal was asleep when I was trying to record this so Tall Peters UK correspondent “Wankhaver” subbed in to pretend to be him. Of course, ol’ Wanky was drunk as all piss, and the whole thing is a huge mess. But hell, I released it anyway, warts and all, except for one particularly bad wart that I had to bleep out. The first actual editing I’ve ever done on this damn thing. This is Trevor, by the way. But of course I already knew that, because I’m me. I’m the only one reading this? Who else would? I’m just talking to myself here! Crying out to world like an attention-starved child, just desperate for a little pat on the head, from somebody, anybody. No one gave a shit about my new Frasier thing. Why would they? It’s just weird, depressing shit that’s really about my own problems thinly-disguised as some sort of elaborate “joke.” Is that what this podcast is too? Just a bunch of “funny” hostility projected at everyone else because I hate myself and I’m desperately lonely and the only way I know how to reach out to the world around me is through anger, veiled under the loose premise of some sort of joke? I don’t know. Whatever. Enjoy the show.

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