Here’s the Beef: The Scourge of Masturbation

We’ve done it again! It’s yet another installment of Here’s the Beef, which is still the name of our podcast until anyone comes up with a better one, and boy, is the sound quality terrible on this one. Seems like it gets worse every episode! We’re just no good at this podcasting stuff, folks. If anyone would like to give us money to buy some decent recording equipment, or just pay us to stop doing the podcast because you hate it so much, feel free to make your way over to the patreon page. I’m not even gonna link it this time. Obviously no one is actually going to give us money, I just like saying that.

Also, the fact that half of everything Trevor says seems to echo is 100% Troyal’s fault, even though Troyal denies this. Trevor tried to address the issue with Troyal before the recording began but was just met with hostility, as always.

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