Here’s the Beef: Jeffy’s Kids

We’re back with a whole new Here’s the Beef, and this time we’re finally setting the record straight on this whole Jeffrey Epstein “conspiracy.” A very good, 16-year-old friend of the successful financier came on our show using a fake name to lay our the truth for us: that Epstein is just a fun-loving dude who likes to spend his legitimately-earned income on partying and having a great time with people of all ages! “Richie” as our guest prefers to be called, ensures us that he had some of the absolutely best times of his life on Epstein’s party island, until he sort of gradually stopped hearing from Uncle Jeffy around reaching the age of 15. But he seems pretty certain that it’s just because Jeff, who has a very real job and a legitimate business to run, is simply too busy to keep up with all his many platonic underage friends all the time. Perfectly understandable.

In other news, we will soon be starting up a new, subscriber-only podcast soon called Trevor Tales. We feel it’s best to keep it behind a paywall because the sordid and often illegal nature of the stories that may be discussed are best not to be shared with the general public, but it will only cost a minimum of $2 monthly at to gain access to this great new audio content. And he have many more plans for both free and premium content to come in the near future. Stay tuned, Peterheads!

Pictured in the header image above this posting are Mr. Epstein and his long-time business associate and romantic partner Ghislaine Maxwell. The photo was used with their permission.

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