That’s right, folks! I’ve been telling you all about it, and I was beginning to think it would never actually happen, and it would just have to turn into a running joke where I always promised Trevor Tales but it never actually happened. But yesterday, PJ and I got together and finally did the damn thing. Now the original concept of Trevor Tales was to be kind of an autobiography in a conversational audio format, but naturally, it’s immediately devolved into my co-host and I divulging a serious of stories involving urine that we’re definitely not proud of. Maybe that’ll be the kind of show it is? Or maybe it’ll become more serious and respectable as time goes on. We will certainly see! But for now, just sit back, and enjoy these bona fide piss porkers. By the way, “porker” is something people say now about a really good story, e.g. “Wow, PJ, that absolutely disgusting story you told me about that pizza box was a real porker of a tale!” This is a cool new thing to say, so make sure you spread the word.

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And you know what, fuck it, check me out on TWITTER at @trev_drinkwater because I’m an idiot and I keep saying “trevor” instead of “twitter” when I try to plug it on podcasts and I never even notice until later. Fuck it, just follow me, okay? I like to see those numbers on my profile go up! You can mute me right after if you don’t like my posts, I don’t care, just follow me so I can have the stupid fucking numbers! Ok, this has gone on way too long now. Goodbye, and please enjoy our shameful and degenerate porkers.

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