What If The Peters Boys Were Characters From The Aquaman Film?!

Have you ever wondered what it might be like if the beloved members of the Tall Peters Comedy Collective (TPCC) played all the characters in the 2018 smash hit film Aquaman? Well, wonder no more, because I’ve used my expert photo-editing skills to envision this very scenario! Can you believe that shit? The very thing that you were definitely wondering about is already a reality, because I thought ahead and made it fucking happen. And I think it would go a little something like this…


1. Trevor Drinkwater as Arthur Curry aka Aquaman

Obviously, Trevor would be Aquaman. He’s heroic and cool, and he freaking kicks ass despite being dumb as hell. All of us here at Tall Peters agree that Trevor is a natural born hero. And if there were a secret ancient underwater society, he would definitely be the king of it. Because he kicks ass and everyone agrees that he’s great.


2. Trevor Drinkwater as Arthur Curry/Aquaman

Come on, let’s just be honest here: Trevor is cool as hell. Aquaman is cool as hell. It’s only  natural that Trevor would be Aquaman, He just has that vibe, you know? Just an all-around badass dude.


3. Trevor Drinkwater as Arthur “Aquaman” Curry

Why deny it, folks? It’s clear as day that Trevor possesses all the heroic qualities necessary to foster unity between the mythic Atlantean society and the land-dwellers. Though Trevor is born of the surface world, he has a deep kinship with the oceans and the many beautiful creatures that occupy it. He’s basically Aquaman, is what I’m saying.


4. Trevor Drinkwater as Aquaman!

Come on! Just look at how cool this dude looks as Aquaman! So freaking awesome!!


5. Trevor, as Aquaman

“Permission to come aboard?” Haha, remember that great moment? Wouldn’t it have been cool if your old pal Trev said it? This is probably the worst one of these. It looks like shit. Makes me feel cute though.


6. Me, Trev, as the Aquaman

I’m Aquaman. That’s the gag here, folks. Pretty pleased with how this particular picture turned out. It gives me a good feeling to look at it. It’s very cool to me. Anyway, hope you liked the pics. Have a wonderful afternoon!

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