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“Awful moron idiots.”

“Asinine degenerates. These reprehensible goofs will slurp hot piss out of your ass if they think it could resemble a meme.”

“The dudes at Tall Peters is the types of dude who smush up turds with their hands in the potty.”

That’s just a few of the ways radical internet posters “tall peters” have been described by an array of fully accredited, respected and 100% real news outlets. Noted media critic Donald Trump once described them as “Actually not too bad”. Many[who?] have asked what do Tall Peters represent? It’s unclear – but it is NOT good. Take a long hard look at these words and links and stuff all around the page here. You think these are jokes? You think this is comedy? You think any of this stuff is funny? Have you had some kind of traumatic brain injury?

Do you really want to get involved with this? Are you sure you can handle looking at and listening to this stuff? It’s extremely messed up and weird, not the sort of content you like to post home to momma. You only like content your mommy approves of, bitch? You can’t handle a distressing, subversive train of thought or two? You’ll see a lot of unusual nonsense if you stick around here buddy.

In one of their most recent ventures, a crudely produced podcast going by the name of Here’s The Beef, led by de facto ringleader and clinical megalomaniac, Trevor Drink “Water”, the listener is subjected to painfully unfunny tedium wherein various “Beefs” are contrived with other podcasts – often involving sustained abuse of the targeted victims, many of whom are differently abled.

The cuss loving bozos at Tall Peters think stuff like “turt” is funny. What the hell is “turt”? Literally no one knows or cares. These braindead cretins exclusively post criminally halfwitted garbage and now they’ve got the nerve to ask the web for money. Good freaking luck to them.

Rightly maligned as they are, let me clarify this, again: I am NOT accusing Tall Peters of being terrorists. Individually, they have school shooteresque traits – some real lonesome nerd virgin types – but their camaraderie is shallow and they the lack the guile to arrange any kind of serious terror event. I do not want to get in to all this again but I will say for the record that Tall Peters are definitely not terrorists.

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