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Top 10 Most Adorable Jennifer Lawrence Moments of 2016

If you’re anything like me, you just can’t get enough of Jennifer Lawrence and her quirky antics! The adorable celeb has been a media darling ever since she first rose to prominence with her starring role in The Hunger Games, and this year has been no exception. Just when you think she can’t get any funnier or more charming, she always finds a way to top herself. So, in honor of the star’s 39th birthday this week, here is a list of our top 10 favorite classic JLaw moments from 2016. Continue reading Top 10 Most Adorable Jennifer Lawrence Moments of 2016

Frasier Crane 4

UPDATE: Even MORE leaked pages from Kelsey Grammer’s lost script “Frasier Crane” have emerged, and we here at Tall Peters blah blah etc. Anyone who’s actually bothered to read these probably knows by now that this is fake. I made it all up! It’s me, Trevor Drinkwater. I’m the one writing these dumb Frasier things. Here’s another one.

part 1 | part 2 | part 3

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Top 10 Times I Was Inspired by Kylie Jenner

If you are one of the two people that read this blog, you already know that I think Kylie Jenner is the most inspirational human being on the planet Earth. Everything she does is breathtaking. Remarkable. Sensational. Magnificent!! I can’t help but wonder how one person is capable of being so perfect in every single way. She is an inspiration to me and millions of other Kylieheads. A brave woman who is not afraid to show the world who she really is, and it fills me with overwhelming joy and gratitude to know that there is a woman out there in the spotlight showing all of the young women in the world that they have more to offer the world than just their bodies. Anyone with half a brain can see that there’s far more to Kylie than her lip injections and expensive, surgically enhanced ass. Much more! I hope you all will join me on this trip down memory lane for all of the times Kylie Jenner made her most inspirational posts online and showed the world that she is far above all of the shallow, vapid Hollywood drones.

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The ongoing comedy feud between alt-right spokesman Sam Hyde and left-wing media mogul Tim Heidecker came to a head yesterday morning when Hyde called in to Mr. Heidecker’s Facebook Live show to accuse the Tim and Eric’s Awesome Show star of pulling strings to get his own Adult Swim show, World Peace, off the air, motivated by political disagreements that have caused them to repeatedly clash over the past several weeks. The exchange was heated, and very personal, with both men becoming infuriated and raising their voices at one another. Is it possible that the animosity between the two performers could have been motivated by something other than politics? Is there an unspoken connection between these two towering giants of the alternative comedy scene? Some startling new evidence uncovered by the Tall Peters investigative team suggests that this just might be the case. Continue reading BREAKING: NEW DOCUMENTS REVEAL THAT SAM HYDE IS TIM HEIDECKER’S ILLEGITIMATE CHILD

“Frasier Crane”: Part Three

There’s a lot of deeply upsetting stuff going on in the news these days, but here at Tall Peters, we’re committed to reporting the news that matters most to us. And the big news here at Tall Peters HQ is that our anonymous source just shared with us yet another tantalizing glimpse at Kelsey Grammer’s failed screenplay, Frasier Crane. But the bad news is, in this latest update, things really take a turn for the worse for our old pal Frasier.

Read part one and part two exclusively on Tall Peters. Continue reading “Frasier Crane”: Part Three

UPDATE: Six More Exclusive Leaked Pages From Kelsey Grammer’s “Frasier” Screenplay

We’ve just received another exclusive leak from our anonymous source who previously shared the first four pages of Kelsey Grammer’s blacklisted screenplay Frasier Crane with us. In the second scene of Grammer’s infamous lost screenplay, we get a peek into our Frasier’s current lifestyle and domestic issues. Plus, a familiar old flame reappears for a very physical encounter. But we won’t spoil it for you! Read for yourself: Continue reading UPDATE: Six More Exclusive Leaked Pages From Kelsey Grammer’s “Frasier” Screenplay

EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Scene from Lost “Frasier” Reboot Screenplay

In 2013, sensing the popularity of reboots and sequels to popular franchises, Kelsey Grammer saw an opportunity to revive his beloved TV character, Dr. Frasier Crane. With the blessing of surviving Frasier creators Peter Casey and David Lee, Grammer arranged a pitch meeting with NBCUniversal. But the execs were stunned two weeks later, when the former Cheers regular showed up with not just a pitch, but a completed draft of a feature-length screenplay. Continue reading EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Scene from Lost “Frasier” Reboot Screenplay

Donald Trump to Guest Star on The Simpsons? [MAJOR SPOILERS]

Listen, we’ve all heard the rumors. The Internet has been buzzing with speculation about who Marge’s new boy-toy is going to be on Fox’s long-running animated series The Simpsons ever since it was hinted at that a new man might be taking Homer’s place. “Who’s it gonna be?” It’s nearly impossible to find a single comment section online that isn’t flooded with speculation. Everyone wants to know, and who can blame us? The Simpsons is a classic with characters we have grown to love over the twenty-eight seasons it has been chugging along. We laughed when Maude died. We cried when Bart had to get rid of Stampy. They’re our best friends. It’s only human to want to know what’s going on in their lives!
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