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Desperate Star Wars Clickbait

Yes… YES!! I can’t believe it. The space film I love is finally out. Can you even believe it, folks? The wookers and the light swords will really be swingin’ this holiday season. I love it. Every year I get to hoot and scream at the good lights on screen as I am stimulated once again by the familiar sound effects and storylines that keep being milked to death year after year by greedy corporate executives. It fills me with joy I can’t get elsewhere else to know that there is a company out there churning out this good shit just for me and other grown children like me who gobble up turds by the truckload as long as they have those good logos I recognize. Just take a look at my numerous Funko POP!!! figures that litter my miserable home. Continue reading Desperate Star Wars Clickbait

I Ain’t Afraid of No Stupid Ass Robot

These days, it seems like everybody’s always fretting about the so-called “robot takeover.” Everywhere I go, I hear folks whining about how the machines are going to rise up and enslave humanity. But do these metal hunks-of-junk actually pose a real threat to humankind? Not on my watch. Continue reading I Ain’t Afraid of No Stupid Ass Robot

7 Powerful Food Hacks Guaranteed to Help You Avoid Being Hungry


Stop me if this sounds familiar: You’ve had a busy day. You spent all morning reading about dope new tech on Gizmodo, then picked up your girlfriend’s kids from school, came home and binge-watched Gilmore Girls on Netflix for a few hours (admit it, boys, you KNOW you love it), and then your squad stopped by for a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity. Continue reading 7 Powerful Food Hacks Guaranteed to Help You Avoid Being Hungry